Dual End Brush

Choose Dual Ended Brush Supplier to Bring Convenience and Portability in Makeup 

Save space and time with dual-ended types of cosmetic brushes. All of them are available at Dongguan Malena Cosmetics Co., Ltd. They save you time and energy while doing makeup. No need to change the brush for quick touch-ups. Users can carry them in their bags wherever they go. It is a combo of two different brushes for people who want ease in makeup. We are a certified supplier with ISO9001, BSCI, and GMP certifications. 

Discover Bargain Prices of Cosmetic Dual Ended Brushes

If you explore our prices, they are much more feasible for you. We have a price range that will be budget-friendly for bulk purchases. You can find our dual-end brushes affordable and pocket-friendly. This is where many retailers can approach to purchase at low prices. In this entire industry, we keep our prices low for you. Buyers across the globe want discounts, and we have those discounts here. You just need to start purchasing from us.

Dual Heads with Dual Benefits (Brush and Sponge Together)

They consist of a cosmetic brush and a sponge with a single handle. Anytime you can switch to brush and sponge. It will be easy for you to maintain the grip on their handles. Each dual ended brush in China will be consistent in performance and appearance. The sponge will absorb the excessive amount of cream or powder, while the brush will balance it out. So, we have a combo of two benefits in one piece. 

You Can Avail of Custom Production of Dual-Ended Brushes

If you want custom service regarding personal brand or private label service, we are ready to serve you. Dongguan Malena Cosmetics is a dual ended brush manufacturer that can offer custom production. 

1. Color

2. Size

3. Material for handle, ferrule, and bristle

4. Logo printing

All these options are available for buyers who purchase in bulk with customization. Provide us details regarding the appearance of the brush, and we will transform it into reality.

We Go Across the Globe Through International Supply and Bulk Production

Avail of global supply from Dongguan Malena Cosmetics wherever you are. We can manufacture in bulk, and then supply worldwide. No such challenges can stop us from offering all these benefits to our clients. Our workers and machines are capable of meeting mega-sized orders on a large scale.