Kabuki Makeup Brush

Authentic Kabuki Makeup Brush Supplier for All the Cosmetic Professionals

Dongguan Malena Cosmetics Co., Ltd. is the place where you can find cosmetic tools like kabuki brushes. We have the quality and design you are looking for. The quality and outcome of makeup will be exactly how you want from these brushes. They are the finest brushes when it comes to heavy makeup on the face. To manufacture with such standards, we have GMP, ISO9001, and BSCI certifications. 

Round and Flat Types for Every Application

Sometimes, makeup professionals and home users need different types of kabuki makeup brushes. We have flat and round types for them. All types of makeup activities will meet their outcomes when they use these brushes. With smooth movement on faces of various types and shapes, they will cover large areas easily. Every time you want to procure such makeup brushes, head to Dongguan Malena Cosmetics.  

Explore Discounted Prices and Wholesale Supply

We are ready to supply kabuki brush in China in bulk at wholesale rates. You can always reach us whenever you need bulk supply at a cut price. Our prices will be affordable because we keep them low. In this wholesale industry, we have the most remarkable discounts. Buyers will be able to purchase them at cheap rates from us in the wholesale industry. Retailers, salons, and beauty parlors can find wholesale rates at Dongguan Malena Cosmetics.

Choose Customized Production as well as Private Label Services

Buyers who want to avail of custom production can contact us. They will get the most diversified range of kabuki makeup brushes here. We offer multiple choices to buyers regarding,

1. Natural and synthetic hair for bristles 

2. Material choice in ferrules and handles

3. Color selection and logo printing

This is the best way of having private label service at a low cost. Our custom production can match any type of kabuki brush you ask us to manufacture. 

Avail Overseas Supply from a Kabuki Makeup Brush Manufacturer 

Never worry about international supply when you deal with Dongguan Malena Cosmetics. We supply kabuki makeup brushes across the globe. Yes, you can reach us for bulk supply as we have a mega capacity of production. Our production process is large, which makes us a mega manufacturer.