Travel brush set

Travel Brush Set Manufacturer – Gateway to Instant Makeup Anywhere, Anytime

Whether it is a makeup artist or a home user, every woman needs a travel brush set. This is why Dongguan Malena Cosmetics Co., Ltd. is all set to supply them globally. All the mandatory brushes are in it to cover the face and eyes. Your traveling will get the best fellow in the form of a cosmetic travel brush set. Girls like to carry them in their clutches for the convenience of instant makeup. They contain dual-ended brushes for maximum options with a smaller number of tools. Each set has a compact design with better portability than others. 

Customization in Size, Material, Color, and Printing of Brushes

Dongguan Malena Cosmetics should be your travel brush set supplier if you want custom service. This is for buyers who want to avail of private label service at low prices. They can get custom options in terms of bristle, handle, and ferrule material. Likewise, we offer plastic, metallic, and wooden options for handles and ferrules. Real as well as synthetic hair are available for custom bristles. Besides, buyers can find options regarding,   

• Size

• Design

• Type 

• Color

• Logo printing

Find Wholesale Prices by Purchasing in Bulk

You can purchase wholesale travel brush sets from Dongguan Malena Cosmetics. We are available to deal with retailers and bulk consumers. Our price range is affordable, and you can choose it as per your buying power. Many suppliers are available in the industry, and you can try us for such discounted rates. These rates are very feasible for bulk buyers. Getting custom service along with discounted prices is such a big deal. 

Freedom of Brush Selection for a Complete Set

You can get options to choose which brushes you want to add to the set. These travel brush sets in China are available with these options for the convenience of users. You can choose general types as well as custom ones.

• Foundation 

• Eyeshadow 

• Powder 

• Blush 

• Contour 

• Custom option

Worldwide Supply Covering from West to East 

We work on the safety of users by using safe materials. Metal, wood, plastic, and the rest of the materials are safe for human consumption. This is through our compliance with GMP, ISO9001, and BSCI certifications. Our substantial production and supply can fulfill your demand from west to east globally.